Bumblebeast Dog Rescue

Rusty & PJ

This little couple is looking for a loving home where they will be able to get brushed, receive belly rubs, and have doggy door access to a fenced in garden or backyard. They love to be close to their people,& enjoy being together.

Rusty is a 6 year-old gentleman and PJ is a12 year- old lady.  Both are neutered and are fully vetted.

PJ can give  you a high five, & Rusty enjoys playing with balls and performing zoomies! PJ & Rusty love car rides, and chicken jerky treats. Like many dogs they are not fans of fireworks!  This well-loved pair deserve the best forever home.

If you are interested in adopting these sweet dogs give us a call at 209-329-4347 or download and email us an application below.

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Ways to Help

At Bumblebeast Dog Rescue, we are all about getting dogs out of the shelters and into loving homes. As such, we offer adoption and rehoming services, and we’ll help to place dogs in loving foster homes while waiting for their forever home.


We depend on fosters to provide temporary homes to dogs that might otherwise be euthanized.


We are thrilled and grateful to welcome volunteers to help us achieve our mission.


All donations go directly to the animal’s care and medical expenses and are tax deductible.