Bumblebeast Dog Rescue


Adoption Information

Bumblebeast Dog Rescue is committed to getting to know each one of our rescue dogs so we can help them find their perfect home. Bumblebeast rescue aims to match dogs into a home that is the best suited for them. In addition, we want to identify the ideal dog companion that fits nicely into our adoptors’ life and home, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you are interested in adopting through Bunblebeast Dog Rescue, we request that you complete an adoption application. All applicants must provide accurate and honest information to ensure that we can help you find that perfect companion that will fit your lifestyle and family situation.

Adoption Fees

Our rescue dogs and cats receive medical screening, spay, neuter, vaccinations, dental, and microchip implant before being made available for adoption. In addition, Bumblebeast’s adoption fees help support the rescue work, allowing us to pay each adoption forward by rescuing another dog/cat in need.

  • Puppies 6 months of less =$375.00
  • Dogs 6 months or older=$325.00
  • Dogs 6 years or above=$275.00
  • Senior Dogs 10 years or above= $125.00
  • Senior to Senior Program=No cost for qualified homes.

Bumblebeast Blinkin’ & Nod Memorial Rescue for CatsĀ 

  • Kittens: $175.00
  • Adult Cats: $100.00
  • Senior Cats 12 or above $50.00
  • Senior to Senior Program=No cost for qualified homes.

If you would like to sponsor the cost of an adoption of a Bumblebeast dog or cat, vet costs for a Bumblebeast dog/cat, or get more information on our adoption program, please contact us at bumblebeastdogrescue.org or 209-329-4347.

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